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Why Choose Chem-Dry

mattress icon2 | Carpet CleanersMaintaining the health of your home is one of our top priorities. That’s why we offer various cleaning and detailing services, including mattress dusting which can go a long way toward improving air quality in homes – especially those with children or pets who may be prone to accidents, spills, or leaving behind dander.

We understand the importance of your family’s health and safety, this is why we are devoted to eco-friendly and child-safe solutions. Our carbonated cleaning process is entirely safe for your pets, children and high-risk members of your family. Your mattress is something you rely on daily for a good night’s sleep, and it can face a lot of build-up throughout daily life. Don’t let your mattress be the thing that is causing your allergies to act up or skin to become irritated, get it professionally cleaned with our team and understand the importance of a thorough clean every time.
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Why is a Clean Mattress so Important?

Dust mites that live in mattresses can often be often microscopic in size and though they are generally harmless, dust mites release waste that can trigger allergens and irritants. This can be true even for people who don’t suffer from allergies regularly, not just people who already have symptoms seasonally or regularly.

Moreover, moisture can damage any fabric, and mattresses are no exception to that. Not only can mattresses be damaged by the moisture of everyday humidity or spills, but steam cleaners and other services can also frequently cause more harm than good when they use too much water in their clean. When a service uses too much water and leaves the mattress like that, it can begin to grow harmful bacteria and hazards that will start to impact your airways and even irritate your skin. It is incredibly dangerous to leave mattresses wet or damp for too long, but with Chem-Dry’s method, we don’t have to use nearly as much water to do the job right and leave your mattress clean and healthy.

How Does Chem-Dry Clean Your Mattress?

Our system for cleaning mattresses is very similar to how we clean upholstery. We use the carbonation bubbles and the “core cleaner” to get to the deepest fibres, crevasses and seams of your mattress, eliminating dust mites and other debris. Our system is capable of extracting stains, dirt, dust and any other contaminants without damaging the mattress in the process.

Just like with any of our other services, our mattress cleaning process is gentle and safe for pets and children. Mattresses can often be a breeding ground for many bacteria and other harmful elements that get trapped and exacerbated by daily usage. The average person spends 1/3rd of their day in their bed, and letting it develop such harmful bacteria can make it harder to remove it in the future. The most effective way to ensure that your mattress is safe and healthy is to have our professional team come in regularly to eliminate the problem.

The best way to ensure that your mattress stays as clean as possible between professional visits is to;


Use mattress covers


Clean sheets regularly


Vacuum mattress


React quickly to stains with a water-based remover


Practice good hygiene habits

Maintaining a clean between services can help elongate your mattress’s lifespan and ensure that you are getting the most out of our visit.

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Chem-Dry has committed to our customer’s satisfaction and works hard to ensure that you walk feeling well taken care of every time. This is what makes us so highly trusted and allows us to keep our loyal customers for so long.

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